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Ethical sourcing from an American Miner

In today’s world, knowing the source of the materials used in jewelry making and other accessories is important. All the sapphires we sell, we have mined ourselves in Montana at our mine on the Eldorado Bar. No children or others have been exploited in the process.  We assure you our sapphires and other products are obtained in a responsible and sustainable way. Environmental and social impacts are taken into consideration during the sourcing process. You can purchase our Montana sapphires and products knowing our gems are indeed ethically sourced.

Our Montana  sapphires are all natural in color.  In the rare instance where we may have a gem heat treated to improve the clarity and color is clearly disclose in our catalog listing.

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Environmentally sound mining practices

  1. We reclaim our  land as we mine. The topsoil is stripped off and saved. When we are done mining, we fill in the hole, spread the top soil and plant grass seed.

Ethical sourcing from an American Miner

  1. Neal and I provide our customers with a true known sourced natural untreated product.

Montana Sapphires come in a rainbow of colors, including color changing. We do find an occasional ruby & have lots of garnets.

Some interesting facts about Sapphires:

  1. Padparadscha is soft pink orange in color & is very rare
  2. Sapphires are the second hardest mineral after diamonds & are unaffected by acids or other chemicals
  3. The most popular & valued color is blue
  4. Every sapphire has its own unique crystal structure

How to find sapphires in the sapphire gravel you have purchased


  1. HUE refers to the sapphire’s basic color
  2. SATURATION also called color purity & intensity
  3. TONE refers to the amount of color in the sapphire ranging from very light to very dark.

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